Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Advantages of the Panamanian registry

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To register a vessel under the Panamanian pavilion is simple, yet fast. It begins by requesting a Provisional Register through a certified legal counselor (licensed in the Republic of Panama), or through certified Panamanian consulates abroad, by physically presenting documentation required, and payment of rates due.

Provisional Registry Issuance Once all documentation is received and payment cleared for rights attained, a provisional patent will be emitted on behalf of the authorized consulate, or through our main offices in Panama, whose validity expires within six months, as well as a provisional radio license, valid for a period of three months. The whole procedure takes approximately one to two working days.

The Permanent Patent, as well as the Permanent Radio License is only issued in Panama. Their validity is for a period of 4 years, and is emitted once all documentation has been presented and delivered. Evenly, vessel’s Title of Ownership must be registered in the Public Registry. With regards to Radio Licenses, it’s issued once the interested party petitions a duly completed communications request, concerning the equipment the vessel shall carry aboard, as well as fulfillment to the GMDSS.